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  • Jul. 16th, 2011 at 1:23 PM
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Alas, friendlies, I do not have teambang art for you on our Inceptioniversary, because something very interesting happened this week.

I used to work for the student association at a local university, and it was a very good job. However, it's a very challenging working environment, mostly due to the fact that the Employer is actually the elected student government. Anyone familiar with student politics knows the elections are frequently a joke, so every year there's the dangerous possibility that a [pick any: entitled, right-leaning, divisive, inexperienced, antagonistic] group of people inherits responsibility for the twenty-plus experienced, dedicated, passionate staff who keep the society running behind the scenes.

That exactly what happened this year, and after two years of contract negotiations -- and imagine how hard it is to negotiate with three different Employers over the years -- the Employer walked away from the table and effectively locked out every one of my old coworkers.

Being locked out is no small thing -- already, they have permanently lost a week's wages, and are only receiving a a stipend of $10/day from the union. And being on a picket line is a terrible, soul-sucking experience. Not only are you already stressed, but then you're on display for hours at a time, being publicly shamed and questioned. It's humiliating, and exhausting both physically and emotionally. You don't know who to talk to for fear of saying the wrong thing, and everyone around you is drained from it, and it just really is a wretched kind of experience.

Not only that, but the Employer is acting deplorably, as Employers often do in these situations. They have been trying to encourage students (and staff, for shame!) to cross picket lines by making the appearance of doing union work in union spaces. They keep the queer centre and women's centre open without the appropriate training, effectively turning them into unsafe spaces. And, egregiously, they have been using the rhetoric of how many free pancakes and pitchers of beer they could buy for students with all the “saved wages”.

My heart goes out to my once-and-always brothers and sisters in CUPE 3338. Husband and I went up there on our weekend (Weds/Thurs) and stood on the picket lines for a bit with signs, and went to a solidarity rally, and then I helped the queer collective draft their letter of solidarity, and did an interview, and gave a lot of hugs, and bought people lunch, and I was just so surprised at how draining the whole experience was.

So, yeah, if you are part of a union, please talk to your union representative and ask them to write a letter of solidarity for locked-out members of CUPE 3338. It's a small gesture, but it's meaningful for people who are having a terrible time right now.

(On Twitter I made the joke 'Daenerys Targaryen supports CUPE 3338' because I have a new hair colour and it's... well, I'm in the fourth picture.)

brb afk

  • May. 26th, 2011 at 12:28 PM
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Headed out to a conference for work just now; I'll be away from a desktop computer until Sunday. I'll be slow to rely to emails and comments for a bit, and probably completely off Twitter during the day, but hopefully I'll have some downtime in the evenings if someone needs to get a hold of me!

This is my first conference, and also kind of the longest I've been apart from Husband since we moved in together. It's not scary, exactly, but dreadful. I've gotten so used to having a partner 24/7 that striking out solo for a few days is weird. And probably boring, too.

Anyway! Goodbye internet, see you in a few days!

every day full of joy

  • May. 4th, 2011 at 1:52 PM
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Icon is appropriate.

Last night I tweeted about some Big Emotions, and the digital hugs were very much appreciated. All loved ones are intact and alive, if you were worried. What actually happened is the the Job Opportunity at my much-beloved previous workplace I was carefully trying not to hang my hopes on turned out exactly the way I had feared, and despite all appearances and careful not-promises to the contrary, it went to a much less qualified internal transfer that no one expected. This is the fourth time the chips have fallen exactly thus, and it is frustrating both institutionally and personally.

After what felt like the beginnings of a crying fit to end all fits, I realized that I felt actually mostly empty about the news, not sad. Which is good, actually, because the second time time I got news exactly like this (from the same people, no less), I nearly jumped off a rooftop, and the third time I drew this, which was much more cathartic and, all in all, a better use of my time. Seeing as this is my fourth time at this exact rodeo, and my seventh time at a very similar one, I suppose I finally do not have it in me to care.

So, here are my Big Emotions about getting fucked over* regarding Job Opportunity, the pros and cons edition:

Cons/Negative emotions:
- current job is lonely as hell
- getting fucked over by the Collective Agreement, again
- five-year-plan is now a yawning, empty chasm of 'wtf do I do now'
- current job is far away and has no opportunity for career growth
- I need to go to a bullshit conference I thought I'd get out of
- I miss my friends at my old job :(
- who the hell do I have to shoot and/or blow to get some recognition up in here
- nooooooooobody knows the troubles I've seen
- this had been my carrot on a stick for seven months = feelings of loss
- while we are financially afloat at long last, it would have been significantly better
- relatedly, bye bye foreign adventure, see you next year :\

Pros/Positive emotions:
- current job gives me lots of time to fandom and the hours are more flexible
- I only have two superiors and we are more of a team, really
- work schedule is better to spend time with Husband
- work is paying me to take personal development classes (like Illustrator)
- I don't have to have the 'thanks for hiring me, I'm going to fuck off now' talk with my boss
- rumours of hours increasing, in a place where rumours usually become true

* and by fucked over, I do not mean 'was not successful', I mean, fucked over because of bullshit language in a Collective Agreement that seems to do everything but protect me, seven times running, and yet always finds an explanation for why I can never advance, ever, despite being an excellent worker who's improved the organization and who actually has experience in this position -- okay, but that's a rant for another day about my deep-seated need for validation when I am fucking excellent, goddamnit.

now is the winter of my total excitement

  • Dec. 10th, 2010 at 9:20 PM
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So I'm on my thirteenth hour in the office and it is AWESOME

career change y/n?

Saw Anna Torv, but the others have been curiously absent, or perhaps I am just balls at starspotting!

The tech guys and production assistants have been an endless source of camaraderie and good times. This is fun!

BIRT life is awesome today

  • Dec. 10th, 2010 at 1:24 PM
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Today, the universe heard my cry of 'why, god, why am I doing this with my life', and delivered unto me a boon. I imagine it looked a little like this, in the great big fate bureaucracy:


[livejournal.com profile] neomeruru is seriously reconsidering her life choices today,


there will be a filming of Fringe in her office today, with attendant television stars Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson, and


she will receive $50/hour compensation for overtime while attending the office, and


she may consider this personal time, and may download and play World of Warcraft on the office computers, and


she may have full access to Craft Services and may stuff silly herself with really rather excellent catering