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BBC Sherlock fanart! Because, you know, I wasn't doing anything else at the time.

Sherlock/Adler/Watson, slight D/s themes, no explicit content but still probably NSFW

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For [ profile] fitz_y, who asked for (among other things): Arthur/Eames/Ariadne, a smorgasboard of kinks, any character as FTM, and genderfuck in general.

So I drew a threesome with a strap-on and a tiny smidgen of cross-dressing/feminization kink. The tiniest bit. Barely there. You might even miss it.

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Two arts today, because I failed at posting the previous one.

First up: an illustration for a collab with mah bestie [ profile] eternalsojourn, because we both started working on Arthur-in-drag-getting-a-BJ-from-Eames pieces at the same time and managed to somehow weave them together. The fic is The Drag of Skin Against Skin. The image is so, so, so NSFW.

eames is the twinkiest twink )

The next picture is a commission I just finished for [ profile] gelbwax, and I am very appreciative of her for putting some cash in my new computer budget. <3 She asked for 'Mal shooting Arthur' and, well, I just have a thing for putting Arthur through the wringer, what is that? Image is SFW if you don't mind a little bit of blood.

pain is in the mind )

Battery, Tony/Steve fanart

  • Oct. 30th, 2011 at 10:38 PM
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What are you drawing, Lindsay? Oh, just Captain America licking Iron Man's arc reactor while jacking him off. No big deal.

Arising from a fic that made me think about what it might feel like to lick the arc reactor. Like licking a battery, I imagine. A sexy, sexy battery.

Totally not safe for work. Cocks, touching cocks, cocks leaking everywhere, licking body parts, you-probably-won't-even-notice-it bondage.

he said come on, come on, kiss my battery )

One Way or Another - (Lady) Loki fanart

  • Oct. 24th, 2011 at 9:11 PM
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A little bit of art for Lady Loki. Why? I'm not so sure. Something about the fact that Loki has a canonical female form is really awesome. And because I love villains who are uncomfortably arousing.

Or maybe it was just the single perfect tear that rolled down Tom Hiddleston's face that cried out to me, 'draw me! but not even me, my alternate female form which will probably never even be in the movies!'

we were born to fuck each other, one way or another )

shousetsu round-up and READ MY STUFF <3

  • Oct. 24th, 2011 at 10:54 AM
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The new issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu is live, and oh boy, is it ever a good one. They got an astounding number of stories this time around, and so many of my favorite authors. I haven't read them all yet, but here are some I can recommend by brand name alone:

* Bright Mouths by [ profile] ladysisyphus
* The Stone Fox and the Bloody Hands by [ profile] ladysisyphus and [ profile] drmoonpants
* Unidentified Friendship Objective by our very own [ profile] jibrailis
* Love Will Tear Us Apart (or, The Modern Pygmalion) by [ profile] drmoonpants and I am looking forward to this one because apparently it's disturbing and The Wilderness was SO AMAZINGLY DISTURBING.

This is one I did read, because I illustrated it:

* El Presidio Rides North by my homegirl [ profile] beeblebabe is going to be the best story you've read all year. I laughed, I... okay, I laughed some more. Then when I was done laughing, I realized I was in love with a sassy cholo and his twee little piece of ass. And I like the art I did:

art for El Presidio Rides North under the cut - mild spoilers, no warnings )

And finally, there's the one that I wrote:

* Tourniquet is a story about unnatural biological disasters, stubborn boys in love, less limbs per capita than Star Wars, and a huge fucking helping of explicit zombie blowjobs. I also made a fanmix, which you can download in the author notes. Click it! Or just read the story! Or read the story and come back for the fanmix! Or don't read the story, that's fine, but I might make a sad face at you.

It was illustrated by the amazing [ profile] lihsa, who made not one, by three pictures for it, which as an illustrator myself I have to tell you that is pretty damn amazing.

As always, I humbly ask you to go take a look at the issue and read and comment on even just one story, because it would mean a lot to the authors! I know there's a lot to choose from this time, but those ones up there are a pretty good place to start!

Cap/Iron Man Big Bang: art post

  • Sep. 23rd, 2011 at 12:39 AM
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Under the cut is art I did for the Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang 2011. I was lucky enough to partner with [ profile] jadedoll, a seasoned Big Bang writer and all-around fantastic person to collaborate with. She wrote a charming little story called Buy You A Mockingbird in which the canon female!Tony-from-an-alternate-universe shows up and, with her dying breath, charges Tony with the care of her biological child. Who happens to also be the son of Steve Rogers, naturally -- theirloveissocanon. ANYWAY: in which Tony Stark starts caring for someone other than himself, and babies make everyone fall in love with each other.

( Apparently babies don't do that in real life, or so I'm told. Good thing I live in a fantasy world. :D)

Very minor spoilers for the story itself, but if you've made it this far you already know them. Natasha Stark dies! There's a baby involved! Hard to spoil for the central conceit of the story. :D Oh, and there's the tiniest, teeniest bit of blood, because I have a niche and I am going to exploit it, good god.

with my last breath, I curse zoidburg! wait, no, that's not right )

art: le chant de la forĂȘt

  • Sep. 13th, 2011 at 11:08 PM
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I know I'm so, SO late crossing the finish line on this one, but I finally finished FFXII for the first time a few nights ago, and immediately needed to draw some fanart.


Ahem, well, there are no fistbumps or dashing sky pirates in this one. Just a sexy male viera doing the dance of love the forest. SFW, but a scantily clad male in this one.

hjllrn, speaker of the woods )

art: The Next Morning... (Tony/Steve)

  • Sep. 11th, 2011 at 11:39 AM
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So in between sleeping and drinking water and lying on the couch immobile, I finished a picture! Technically three pictures, because it's a comic book page.

Maybe NSFW (provocative partial male nudity).


art for ssbb 32: hot for teacher

  • Aug. 23rd, 2011 at 1:00 PM
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And by that I mean, the August issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is out, and it's the Hot for Teacher edition.

In this issue I illustrated two stories by my homebros: Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye by the inimitable [ profile] jibrailis, and One False Move by the prodigious [ profile] ladysisyphus.

Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye takes place in a world where magic has only recently been discovered in Regency-era England. It tells the story of a man who, stolen by Fairy as a boy, searches for what he lost in that realm that makes him so removed from human comfort. All my gore/bloodkink friends should turn their eyes to this one, and that's all I'm saying there.

One False Move is a powerful subversion of the issue's theme, instead telling the story of a teacher who's been accused of sexually harassing students in his class. It's a subtle story about the grim prospects for gay teachers and the seriousness of the power imbalance in teacher/student relationships. Regardless, it's also got that incredible lightness and intense humanity that [ profile] ladysisyphus weaves into all of her SSBB stories; as always, a guaranteed good read.

Under the cut are the three images I did for the issue. There are slight spoilers and a gore warning for Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye, so if that bothers you, you should go read that story first.

intro to hot for teacherology )

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a bi-monthly webzine for original fiction in the grand tradition of boys-love serial manga, where boy meets boy and, eventually, they live happily ever after.

It is an amazing project to work on, and I have been so lucky to collaborate with some awe-inspiring people. I highly encourage everyone to go and friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu; it's the announcements comm and sign-ups, so just sit on it for a while and see if something strikes your fancy. Or if you want to tackle it with a friend, let me know and we'll work on it together.

Last month, I asked everyone to go and read even just one story and leave a comment. The outpouring of comments from that was just awesome, and I really appreciate everyone who did! It really does mean a lot to the authors to get those comments, because we all know that venturing into original writing is a terrifying, and sometimes thankless, prospect. I'm asking you again to go take a look at the most recent issue and leave some more love for these brave, hard-working, and creative writers!

I haven't read all the stories yet, but here are some quick and dirty summaries of the ones I have:

Mister Seagull Gives No Fucks: quasi-anonymous hatesex between a hardass teacher and his ex-student

Taylor the Demon Hunter: petulant Slayer Hunter seduces his very-British Watcher Sentinel

Look to the Beat: SYTYCD-hopeful takes dancing lessons from a SYTYCD alumni
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So I watched Captain America!

Chances of acquiring a new fandom centred entirely around Tony/Steve: very, very, very high.

for our boys in blue )

circumstantial evidence: L.A. Noire fanart

  • Jul. 23rd, 2011 at 2:44 PM
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Cole Phelps is probably not the best lay in the world, okay. He just rotates until he feels the vibration.




NSFW image under the cut. Take a look at that glistening uncut peen and weep tears of desire, I tell you.


new cards in my deck

  • Jul. 21st, 2011 at 12:41 PM
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An appendix to my last art post: oh, what a difference a year can make!

I used the same reference photo for Arthur's face in the last one as I did in the first Inception fanart I drew. So, yeah. The difference makes me feel pretty good. Thanks everyone for sticking with me as I gradually move towards sucking less and less. <3

burn my shadows: BAMF Arthur fanart

  • Jul. 20th, 2011 at 10:40 PM
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I thought to myself, self, why haven't you drawn some unrepentant BAMF objectification recently? So then I did.

SFW but very bloody image after the cut!

you judged me once for falling; this wounded heart will rise )

fanart for Satan Take the Wheel

  • Jul. 16th, 2011 at 3:34 PM
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Behind the cut is fanart for the infamous Satan Take the Wheel, a.k.a. Satan!verse, a.k.a. 'the one where Eames forges Lucifer and domfucks Arthur into sated oblivion', by who we've come to know as Satan!anon, a.k.a. blue_fish on AO3. That was a lot of a.k.a in that paragraph, but bear with me.

Imagine my surprise and delight when Satan!anon put all her anonfills on AO3, and they contained literally each and every one of my most-loved fills! In thankfulness for her tireless dedication to my emotional well-being, I drew her a little something. ;)

No spoilers for the fic, no content warnings, mildly NSFW but not explicit (man-bum!). You don't need to have read it yet (what are you doing, not reading STTW?!) but it helps. :D

so I follow you down your twisting alleyways, find a few cul de sacs of my own )

Murder Your Darlings; art for ae_match

  • Jul. 13th, 2011 at 11:20 PM
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Behind the cut is art for Team Angst and [ profile] ae_match! I was so, so lucky to have not one, but three talented authors sign on to write for my art, [ profile] khasael, [ profile] eternalsojourn, and [ profile] hazelwine. You can read their fics on [ profile] ae_match over here.

Image is whoooooahahohoho not safe for work. Also, not safe for people who can't handle blood. Or purported OTP stabbing. And insinuated character death. You know. There wasn't enough violence in my last picture, so, I'm making up for it.

i want to do terrible things to you )

invocation: ariadne/yusuf fanart

  • Jun. 27th, 2011 at 12:32 AM
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Some Ariadne/Yusuf, for your viewing pleasure. The working file name was 'becauseigothigh', and that should tell you all you need to know about that. Drawn for the drugs/aphrodisiacs square on my kink_bingo card, because apparently I am procrastinating pretty hard on [ profile] ae_match. :D

Not worksafe in the least. Contains nudity, sex, and drug use -- if I added violence, I could go for the quadfecta. Is quadfecta a word? It must be.

the stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh; but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones )

art for East, SSBB 31

  • Jun. 19th, 2011 at 12:24 PM
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Under the cut are the illustrations I drew for [ profile] beeblebabe's East, which was written for the recent issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, SSBB, if you haven't heard me talking about it before, is a regular webzine of original gay fiction in the style of Japanese boys-love serials.

East is a charming story about a man and his bitch about two best friends in small-town Colorado who fall in love and have tons of sex. It's also a really touching story about feeling trapped by your birth and escaping it, clutching the only good thing you have to your chest.

It's foul-mouthed boys in love in a small-town, so there's a fair bit of homophobic and anti-Semitic language, as well as verbal and emotional abuse. This story takes Serious Issues and nestles them in between teenage boys being emotionally stunted, horny idiots.

Did I mention sex? There is a lot of sex. There is dirty talk, verbal dom, and underage barebacking, to say the least. I won't go into it all because there's a certain amount you should discover by yourself, but trust me, the porn starts at the beginning and goes all the way to the end, with this amazing transformation from teenage aggression to raunchy dirty talk to a fearful and honest love so sweet I almost wanted to cry.

In short, you should go read East! There are minor spoilers for the story in the art, so you should read it first. I'll wait.

are you out there, can you hear this; i was out here, listening all the time )

Obligatory pimp: Shousetsu Bang*Bang is an amazing project to work on. If you have been meaning to write original fiction but you need that extra push, consider writing for it. It's a low-stress way to knock out some ideas, stretch those original fiction muscles, and meet some new people. It's also fairly low-impact: relying on your favorite trope and ripping off other material is suggested, nay, encouraged! Just go and friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu; it's the announcements comm and sign-ups, so just sit on it for a while and see if something strikes your fancy. Or if you want to tackle it with a friend, let me know and we'll work on it together.

Also, you know, it's not nice to talk about, but original fiction always labours in the shadow of its shiny older sibling, fanfiction. There is some honestly good work here, guys, and it doesn't get nearly enough comments. If you could go check out the latest issue and just pick out even one story and leave a comment on it, it would mean a lot to that author.

the heart's migration: avatar fanart

  • Jun. 5th, 2011 at 9:06 PM
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Sometimes I don't do Inception fanart! Like now, when I do some completely unprompted, fluffy, self-indulgent Avatar: The Last Airbender fanart.

airbenders in love )


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