my friends are the best friends

  • Sep. 14th, 2011 at 2:16 PM
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I am very lucky to have very good friends indeed, friends who have written me things with the bare minimum of wheedling and begging required on my part!

First there is delightful blowjob porn from [ profile] beeblebabe, because she was in a mood to write random porn and I was in a mood to request slow suckling sloppy blowjobs (my favorite!) and she intuited my great need for Tony/Steve fic that isn't terrible, and this was the result. I think I have a New Thing about Steve touching Tony's arc reactor, and it just won't go away.

And then there is fic from [ profile] ladysisyphus to go along with my dancing bunnyboy, in which Fran confounds and terrifies Balthier in equal measure, as well she should. W2 has the Osmithian language down, not just in dialogue but the narrative too, and it's just so lyrical and wonderful that it's a joy to read.



  • Sep. 4th, 2011 at 1:57 PM
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This post is a total GIP. Thanks for the awesome icons, [ profile] eamesie! I have wanted a Tony/Steve icon for a while, and I'll be doing some posting for the upcoming Cap/Iron Man Big Bang this month, so it was much needed. <3

This is how I feel today! Embed:

Yesterday I finished my picture for said Big Bang, so that's cool! I'm pretty happy with it! I drew not one, but two sets of Iron Man armour, which was kind of intimidating, but hey! Now I know how to draw and colour armour! :D

Today I am going to try to do some speedpainting, go find Harvest Moon for the GBA, eat fish, and bake a carrot cake in a castle-shaped pan. And it's already 2PM, whoops. Better get on that.

I just got an AO3 account, where my one lonely fanfic is currently sitting, but I hear they'll be hosting images soon, which should provide avenues for storing transformative work in the form of fanart just by itself, so I'm pretty pleased with that. Right now it's just a place to collect bookmarks, though. ^^;

ae_match roundup

  • Aug. 29th, 2011 at 9:35 AM
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So, ae_match is over!

I am SUPER IMPRESSED by the hustle from both teams yesterday! At first I thought for sure Team Romance would come out on top because of their incredible lead in the first week, then Team Angst had a slow but sure comeback in the later weeks, and THEN Angst exploded all over the place yesterday and I thought for sure we were going to cinch it, and then Romance answered right back with a hustle of their own, and it was just fab. I honestly couldn't tell you who's my pick to win it, but all along I have been saying, without irony, that we're all winners from the upswing in amazing fanworks.

My hands-down favorite you-must-read-this rec from the fest is Quito, by [ profile] starbolin, because not only is it scorching hot and leaves me breathless, but it does it in that particular way that [ profile] starbolin does every time that makes me wonder if they were secretly sent here on a mission to fulfill my happiness.

My favorite submission for the other team (you filthy curs!) is Things Arthur Finds Fun by [ profile] adelaide_rain. Every time I read it, my face splits into this goofy smile that will not go down for hours, it is like like the blue pill for smiles and I have facial priapism. The premise is kind of silly (Arthur likes roleplaying trashy romance-novel style), but it is done so sweetly and so self-aware of its silliness that it just works.

Art by me is over here: Murder Your Darlings and If We Turned Our Reactors to the Sun (pt. ii), and also these icons, because I love you, Team All The Crys.

I like everyone so much that I made you a macro:

image credit: breathy @ tumblr

And I know I said it in the party post, but I think we all owe a great thanks to [ profile] foxxcub for organizing it, and to team leaders [ profile] gelbwax, [ profile] sparrow_hubris, and [ profile] duckgirlie for their tireless work in keeping us organized; I know over on Team Angst things ran really swell, and the match as a whole was really well-managed and just a good idea all around. Cheers!

inception big bang!

  • Aug. 13th, 2011 at 10:23 AM
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Round 2 of the [ profile] inception_bang has started!
All pairings/genres are welcome, 15,000 word mimimum for fics.

FAQ | Prompt Post

Sign Ups: Author | Artist | Track Two | Beta

Sign-ups for Round 2 of the Inception Big Bang have started! Well, we made it to our second year, folks!

I am super happy to say that I will be signing up in Track 2, with my bestie homegirl:

[ profile] sho_no_tabi

... who I hope you remember from my incessant flailing over Dig, Lazarus Dig, Glitch, Plenty of Good Thieves, and many, many more. I have basically just been flailing since she offered to collab, oh my god. So I am A LITTLE LIKE THIS ABOUT THIS BIG BANG:

(Seriously, I mean that literally. I got her message and went out into the living room and made that exact dance at Husband. I am a little invested.)

I might sign up as a general artist as well -- Tabi is already hardcore into her story, so I'll have my hands on the draft well before Artist Claims in December, resulting in a lot of time to work on a second Big Bang. I'm not sure yet! If more writers make it to claims than artists, I might throw my lot in there too.

happy inceptioniversary!

  • Jul. 15th, 2011 at 11:21 PM
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Dear fandom,

It's been a year, and you still manage to make me do this:

And there's still a surprising amount of this:

But, more importantly, you still make me feel like this almost every day:

Thanks for the crazy, amazing year, you guys. I can't even begin to describe how the past year has been incredible, but it would include a lot of gushing about all the awesome people I've met, the creative and supportive community we've created, and how thankful I am that it's given me the motivation to keep drawing and improving.

Happy birthday, Inception fandom! I hope to see you all, and maybe even a few more people, in another year's time. :)

a thanks

  • May. 19th, 2011 at 11:55 AM
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Everyone hangs out on the internet for different reasons, but I have this theory that most of them boil down to the fact that none of us were hugged enough as children and so we have this great gaping need for attention and affection that we'll spend our whole lives filling -- or perhaps that's just the human condition.

In a round-about way, that sentence was supposed to seque into just me being thankful that so many people have been stopping by to comment on my entries recently. I don't want to be petty, or attention-seeking, and sometimes it feels a little taboo to look behind the curtain at fandom and talk about how it all works, on a platform-paradigm level. And I have honestly and truly been working on being someone who feels validated because of my self-worth and not because of the attention of other people, and I've been doing pretty good at it recently. But... that doesn't in any way diminish the fact that it feels good when you get comments. Validation is pleasurable. Saying something and getting a response is pleasurable.

So thanks, folks, for continually brightening my day with your comments, be they wry or sincere, flailingly enthusastic or reserved, supportive or chiding; be they long or short, on Twitter or LJ or by direct message or email; whether they come by bits or by carrier pigeon. Thank you for reflecting the sound of my own voice so it doesn't fall into the void, and for gifting me the sound of your own. I'm really thankful, I will never stop being thankful, and I really appreciate you.

I am the worst at replying to comments, but I am trying to be better. I am even worse at leaving comments for others, but I am already improving on that one. I don't think I'll ever be as amazing as [ profile] jibrailis, who comments on every entry on her friends page, or [ profile] cherrybina, who is unfailingly enthusiastic in every reply, but let's consider it to be a fandom goal. :D

a daily recap because i am interesting

  • Feb. 14th, 2011 at 10:47 PM
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So today I saw some hooligan make off with a woman's purse at the mall. From the way she was shrieking and chasing after him, I'd imagine there was some important stuff in there. And the worst part of it was that everyone just stood around, even when the guy ran right past them. I was too far away, but I wish that I'd seen someone do something.

It just reminded me that even though my day was kind of shitty (fridge broke down, discovered a ding on the car, never enough money), there are people who are having just a world-endingly terrible day. Like, sometimes, when I see an ambulance I feel selfish and a little relieved, because no matter how many things are bothering me right then, I'm not the poor person who needs an ambulance.

So that was my sobering thought for the day. In less depressing news, Husband and I went and surprised our friend at work with some overpriced flowers, because she's the kind of girl who loves little things like that and her husband doesn't do them. We didn't know what unit she worked in, so we stumbled around the hospital for a little while looking for her. I ended up tapping into some, like, genetic memory of hospital architecture, and managed to lead us to the right unit on the first try. Go me! Then we went for dinner and had a very romantic dinner at Quizno's.

At no point did anyone question why a husband and wife duo were buying flowers together, which is too bad because I was totally prepared to reply that we were buying them for our girlfriend. ALAS, no one asked, and so I could not be my lovable cheeky self. You get it instead, flist. I love you.

Also, the best gift anyone could have ever given to me was actually on the Anonmeme, which has all in all been pretty easy-going when it comes to yours truly. Someone commented that my art was their favorite in the fandom, which warms me all the way to my chilly bones and makes those late art nights worth it. I never imagined that anyone would like my stuff ever, so I'm always a little chuffed at the slightest bit of flail. :)

I have been thinking of going through my old sketchbooks and maybe posting my first sketches. They're from Grade 6, I think, which was when I started discovering the joys of drawing as a hobby. I had an original character called Alexis Moon, who was less of a Mary Sue and more of an imaginary role model, and a whole poorly-planned world with, like, four elemental religions and a benevolent Empire and so on, and so on. Then I really started going on this whole art thing in Grade 8, when I sat down on my first day of high school and introduced myself as an artist; with that label on me I started drawing seriously, and the rest is history. Do you think you guys would be interested in seeing stuff like that?

[edited to add, these sketches are in my sketchbooks which are packed away in storage! I should have them when we move in March! <3]

sassy AND savvy

  • Feb. 7th, 2011 at 3:13 PM
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Big ups to the anons over at the Inception Anon Love Meme, especially those who stopped by my thread. I've never been mentioned on a love meme before, so believe me when I say that I really, really appreciate it. Especially so because my weekend was totally a roller coaster of stress and emotions, and now I'm stuck in a seven-hour meeting taking notes about union bargaining. Awesome! The comments are making my day. There is so much love here.

Also, to the anon who called me sassy: you rock. Let's bring back sass as a compliment. Sass is kind of a troublesome word -- it's gender-dependent and usually derogatory. I remember, when I was young, being punished for having sass. But, as I grew older, sass became something to be proud of, and I'm glad for that. I will be sassy until the end of my days. :D

And to the anon who called me brave: thanks. I mean it.

love is going to get you in the end

  • Feb. 6th, 2011 at 6:34 PM
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With a tip of my hat to [ profile] delires because I really like the image she used to pimp this:


You should totally go over there and leave anon comments of joy. I have already left like over nine thousand comments because there are way, WAY too many people to love in this fandom and too many nice things to say, and sometimes I forget to say nice things, so if you know me and there is a nice comment there for you, you can probably assume that I left at least one of them. At least. Sometimes I remembered things a little later.

And a special love, the non-anon kind, is going out today to [ profile] jibrailis, because she continues to light up my little corner of the internet in new and exciting ways every day, and darling, I would fend off wild dogs for you. You're the reason I managed to stick to using this LJ, because even when I felt utterly boring and no one commented, you reached out and made me feel special because you were here, too.

press my shoulder to this wall

  • Dec. 23rd, 2010 at 12:38 AM
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SOME THINGS IN LIST FORM, because it is after midnight and I am kind of all over the place right now:

1. So I have been working on this, like sleeping beauty meets arabian nights picture off and on for like a week now, but it's difficult because I have been so sick and fuzzy, and now I think I am finally in the clear with a scratchy throat and morning death.

behind the curtain: rough colours? i don't know, someone tell me it looks okay )


2. My computer's background right now is TRON/INCEPTION CROSSOVER PORN, because fandom is fucking amazing. Art comes from the talented [ profile] innueneko, the particular piece is posted in this entry. For serious, the downloading bubble made me lol.

3. That leads to the fact that I saw Tron, of course, and it was good. I don't get the people complaining about the story, wtf, it's a Disney movie -- what do you expect, a meditation on the human condition? The acting and script were better than Avatar, the costuming and 'sets' were fantastic and art-inspiring, and can we talk for a moment about Daft Punk scoring the whole thing? And CILLIAN MOTHERFUCKING MURPHY making an UNCREDITED CAMEO, and I would seriously pay again to see that man with facial hair and those adorable hipster glasses, screaming I AM THE VILLIAN IN TRON 3 all over the place.

4. Boss gave me a $75 gift card to Opus, which I'm still kind of reeling from honestly, because in my family we cap presents at $35 and I've known them all my life, not just five months. Anyway, I'm kind of at a loss at what to spend it on, because I know it should be a big thing as I'll never spend $75 in one go again, but I'll spend $25 three times just fine. Looking at a watercolour brush pen, which is like a brush that holds water in a chamber which you can use with watercolour pencils while out sketching. Like watercolours without the mess.

5. Last but not least by any stretch, the latest issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is up for those of us needing something to read while fic-writers are going to ground for Christmas and fandom crawls to a halt. Shousetsu Bang*Bang is an original boys-love fiction anthology, and the calibre of writing is very high -- at least one regular contributer is actually a published writer of some renown, using her powers for GAY PORN SHORT STORY rather than for good. My bff [ profile] jibrailis has a story in this issue, but my favorite so far has got to be Coming Undone because it has TIME TRAVEL and a narrator who is kind of a dick, all things considered.

Why am I drawn to time travel scenarios? I will only cry myself to sleep at night as I ponder the great vastness of time and the significance of small actions. I weep silent tears of terror that small details may change by way of some callous time traveller's ineptitude. AND YET. I am drawn, like a moth to a flame, by the sirens call of gay porn.

But seriously, if you don't read Shousetsu Bang*Bang, you are missing out on some quality. It's such a very small leap from fandom to original fiction, but the audience drop off is SO VERY steep. This is a project that deserves attention. Personally, I'm making it my goal to start back at the first issue and read every story while on the bus.

the season of grace coming out of the void

  • Dec. 17th, 2010 at 6:03 PM
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If you're like me, and got started young on queer theory with a deep and libido-stirring early love of yaoi, then you might like this safe-sex commercial/ad/music video from Japan:

Little Taiko Boy リトル太鼓ボーイ from All Out Attack on Vimeo.

Seeing as how my trajectory went yaoi --> androgynous Japanese men --> faghaggery --> queer theory with a healthy kink for safe sex, this is right up my alley. And I originally wrote that as right up my ally, AND WHO WOULDN'T LIKE TO BE RIGHT UP THEIR ALLY, AMIRITE?

Anyway though, nice try Japan, that was pretty cool. Safe sex is also important for heterosexual coup-- oh! Right! I forgot. Hentai in every bookstore, but it's still not cool to talk to women about sex. Your gay samurai is showing, Japan!

ALSO ALSO ALSO FOR ADDED SQUEE, I would like to direct your attention to [ profile] pen_pistola, who dedicated her latest fic One Eames A-Leaping to me in the hopes of making me feel better, which is positively lovely darling, and most definitely made my day. I have been battling this quantum supervirus back all day, and I think I'm finally winning? So thank you [ profile] pen_pistola, for being amazing and so thoughtful, and a Merry Christmas to you as well. :)

fandom bffs

  • Dec. 14th, 2010 at 9:07 PM
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Can we talk about how amazing [ profile] jibrailis is, for a moment?

Because she is amazing and she wrote me 4000 words of SUPERHERO YUSUF for Christmas. What is this, I don't even, literally NO ONE has ever dedicated anything to me, ever, and [ profile] jibrailis makes my heart grow three sizes too big.


Please go read it and shower her with love, even you real-life friends, because there is no porn I promise, only the incandescent light of my joy.


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