not as advertised

  • Dec. 10th, 2011 at 11:01 PM
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Things I have done since getting laser eye surgery two months ago:

- one rounds of steroids (+$10)
- one round of antibiotics (+$10)
- Refresh eyedrops (+$20)
- Systane eyedrops (+$50)
- temporarily plugged my puncta with biodegradable plugs (free because I complained)
- permanently plugged my puncta with silicone plugs (+$150)
- another round of weaker steroids (+$10)
- started taking omega-3 supplements (+$15)
- started drinking more water
- switched to preservative-free eye drops (+$20)
- started using an eye ointment at night (+$10)

Things I have not done since getting laser eye surgery two months ago:

- seen clearly

The big hoorah last night was that I could finally, if I squinted and kind of unfocussed my eyes, see the face in the moon!

Don't do it. Or at least, if you do, don't do it because you think it's easy.

this body will fight you

  • Jul. 29th, 2011 at 2:53 AM
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So generally I have the devil's luck when it comes to finding good doctors, and as a result I look at the entire medical profession and its accouterments with fondness. Even the supposedly scary stuff, like getting naked in front of people and getting stuck with sharp things.

Which makes it all the more weird when I have an experience with a doctor that leaves me absolutely spitting mad.

cut for female health issues, which really shouldn't make you squeamish, but just in case. )

what do we want? sandwiches!

  • Jul. 16th, 2011 at 1:23 PM
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Alas, friendlies, I do not have teambang art for you on our Inceptioniversary, because something very interesting happened this week.

I used to work for the student association at a local university, and it was a very good job. However, it's a very challenging working environment, mostly due to the fact that the Employer is actually the elected student government. Anyone familiar with student politics knows the elections are frequently a joke, so every year there's the dangerous possibility that a [pick any: entitled, right-leaning, divisive, inexperienced, antagonistic] group of people inherits responsibility for the twenty-plus experienced, dedicated, passionate staff who keep the society running behind the scenes.

That exactly what happened this year, and after two years of contract negotiations -- and imagine how hard it is to negotiate with three different Employers over the years -- the Employer walked away from the table and effectively locked out every one of my old coworkers.

Being locked out is no small thing -- already, they have permanently lost a week's wages, and are only receiving a a stipend of $10/day from the union. And being on a picket line is a terrible, soul-sucking experience. Not only are you already stressed, but then you're on display for hours at a time, being publicly shamed and questioned. It's humiliating, and exhausting both physically and emotionally. You don't know who to talk to for fear of saying the wrong thing, and everyone around you is drained from it, and it just really is a wretched kind of experience.

Not only that, but the Employer is acting deplorably, as Employers often do in these situations. They have been trying to encourage students (and staff, for shame!) to cross picket lines by making the appearance of doing union work in union spaces. They keep the queer centre and women's centre open without the appropriate training, effectively turning them into unsafe spaces. And, egregiously, they have been using the rhetoric of how many free pancakes and pitchers of beer they could buy for students with all the “saved wages”.

My heart goes out to my once-and-always brothers and sisters in CUPE 3338. Husband and I went up there on our weekend (Weds/Thurs) and stood on the picket lines for a bit with signs, and went to a solidarity rally, and then I helped the queer collective draft their letter of solidarity, and did an interview, and gave a lot of hugs, and bought people lunch, and I was just so surprised at how draining the whole experience was.

So, yeah, if you are part of a union, please talk to your union representative and ask them to write a letter of solidarity for locked-out members of CUPE 3338. It's a small gesture, but it's meaningful for people who are having a terrible time right now.

(On Twitter I made the joke 'Daenerys Targaryen supports CUPE 3338' because I have a new hair colour and it's... well, I'm in the fourth picture.)

concussive maintenaince

  • Nov. 27th, 2010 at 12:46 PM
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so today I found myself sobbing into my towel at the local rec centre

Wait, back up. So, today, I wanted to go swimming, because it's been like a week since we went last time and I need to stretch my legs and walkies are just not an option right now because of the icy snow that's piling up everywhere.

I realize, belatedly, that writing is really fucking difficult when you have a concussion

RIGHT I hadn't gotten to that part yet, so, I have a concussion BACK UP again, wait, the pool was really busy because it's a Saturday, wtf won't my fingers spell words correctly, and there were lessons and only one lane open, so I got into the lane with this woman swimming super fast, and I not only cracked my head on the bulkhead (which is totally normal for me, let's face it) but I also swam into her and cracked our heads together

so that's like hitting myself twice in the direct crying centre of my brain, plus I'm blind without my glasses and you miss all of the social facial cues without that, and not knowing where to go because I'm crying and concussed and blind and it's busy and there's children everywhere

and I couldn't even appreciate that the hot lifeguard was all 'hey I saw that little bump, you should sit on the side of the pool' because I don't have my glasses on, I mentioned that but it's important because YOU try being blind and in pain

So anyway it was too busy and Kev didn't realize that I was actually hurt because I'm year of the tiger and stupidly vain when it comes to showing weakness, so he's frustrated that there's nowhere to swim and I'm no help because, did I mention concussed and all I want is a hug and a good cry?

So that's how I ended up in the changeroom of the rec centre, sobbing into my towel.

Look, that's an entry beginning and ending with the same thematic device, I should apparently write concussed more often

So anyway I'm going to go have a lie down, the don't-let-someone-fall-asleep thing is an old wives' tale and if someone is hurt that badly they're going to slip into a coma ANYWAY and keeping them awake is kind of an impossibility. Not that I'm really that hurt, jesus, I'm just saying.


bedouin living

  • Oct. 15th, 2010 at 4:22 PM
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Today is moving day, and I am officially sick of living like gypsies.

The house has been getting more and more empty since last Sunday, which was when our large furniture was moved out -- including the bed. To cope, we utilized a favorite gambit of mine from my sleepover days: couch pillows lined up on the floor. I have been remarkably successful at not rolling off my pillow-bed in the middle of the night, and even Husband has discovered the joys of nesting.

My computer desk was moved as well, which means I'm writing this from the floor. As I wrote on my FB: it took ten years, but I've finally become a character from Serial Experiments Lain.

The computer itself is on its last legs. I bought a new monitor because this one is heavy, old CRT model that displays darker and darker every day. Why is every monitor in the store a widescreen? Why on earth do I need a widescreen? I'm not looking forward to adjusting to it. I would have rather switched to dual screens -- much more useful for art and Warcraft.

All of my files, including all of my music and work-in-progress art files, has been safely backed up on four DVDs. When I get a new computer I'll copy everything over again, but until then it's useless to work on any art or download any files -- I don't want to have to re-burn new DVDs and deal with that. So I'm in this curious stage of limbo with this computer.

Also: no kitchen! Oh, how I miss my kitchen. And my bed. I'd kill for any space I could call mine, now... I'd move into a trailer and live in Wal-mart parking lots if I could.