do not mess with me, you will not win

  • Jun. 17th, 2011 at 8:33 PM
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Arrrrrrrrrrghhhh! My debit card was compromised and some fuckstick withdrew over a thousand dollars!

...but surprisingly, everything turned out okay! My bank is awesome, just really awesome. They noticed it, put a hold on the card, and called me twice right away with an automated message. I ignored the message, of course -- who gives out their banking information to someone cold calling and saying they're a bank, really? But I looked up my accounts and saw the HUGE SMOKING CRATER where my money used to be, gave them a call, and took care of everything in less than half an hour with the help of two very helpful and sympathetic people at Loss Prevention.

I'm feeling very level-headed about this, as for the past four months I've been a real crusader about putting money into emergency savings accounts, and we were just paid last night so there's quite the cushion to survive the 5-7 business days it'll take to investigate the fraudulent charges, and my bank was ace at putting a stop to the fuckery right away. The most annoying part is having to go into a branch on a weekend to get a new access card, but even that isn't so bad -- they're open on weekends! Both days!

All in all, shitty situation that is going to be a walk in the park thanks to having a great bank and sound financial planning. For the first part, if you're local you should switch to TD Canada Trust. Seriously. Best bank ever. For the second part, I cannot stress enough the utility of having your bank automatically transfer money to a savings account before you even get your hands on it. I lost a thousand dollars on paper and everything is going to be okay because there's still two months of emergency living expenses in the bank.

A year ago this would have been absolutely world-ending. I am relieved and thankful that I've finally dug us out of that hole. It took a long fucking time, man, but the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train, it is awesome.

house get

  • Feb. 6th, 2011 at 1:04 AM
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The universe, much like World of Warcraft, seems to operate with the understanding that if someone really wants something, they'll complain about it a lot. So you should just give it to them, yeah? That's some The Secret level bullshit right there, I know, but isn't it neat sometimes how you can sometimes get what you want?

What I mean is, after like the shortest house-hunt ever, today we signed the papers on our new house. And by house, I mean basement suite. And by basement, I mean holy crap, there are huge fucking windows in every single room. And also, holy crap, there are three bedrooms, I do not even know what to do with a third bedroom.

(btw: the next person in my family who says that it's the baby's room will see me rip out my own uterus and eat it. me gusta.)

I am equal parts yaaaaaaaaaaay and oooooooh my god, because now we have like one more rent-free month and not nearly enough in savings, and I really wish this art thing was lucrative instead of exhausting and mortifying in polite company. But! You know, now I get to PAINT. PAINT ALL THE THINGS. Give me your favorite room colour schemes, guys, because I have three rooms and complete creative control.


i am okay.

  • Jan. 10th, 2011 at 11:02 PM
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Thanks for all the support on that last post, guys. I honestly didn't think I'd get such an outpouring of love. There's few things worse than being all vulnerable and needy and basically no one being there. I try not to wangst too often, but when I do, my LJ is the only place it can go. I'm sorry, I'll make up for it by being aggressively hilarious in other ways.

As for the rest of my day, I went to the pool and did treading water trials with Husband. We do treading water trials now because of my distressing propensity towards head trauma when I'm at the pool, and I've been concussion-free for like a month now!

When we started we did 3-4-5 minutes, and today we did 4-6-8 minutes. I very nearly died at the end of the last eight minutes, but it's all good now. Perversely, leg pain is okay if I brought it on myself? Maybe it's just another way to exercise some control over the situation. Man, though, can't wait to see the day we go 10-10-10.

And then we had lunch, during which the doctor's office phoned and gave me my appointment with the VGH EMG lab, where they will electrify me at a progressively more and more terrible voltage, and then perhaps take some blood for genetic testing. I am not scared of the electrocution; last time I went (a month ago) it was significantly less painful than the first time (seven years ago), which I mean is a good thing and a bad thing really, because it hurts normal people? :D

(And then the genetics results will come back and there will be a fun discussion about biological children vs. adoption; I am flexing all of my sarcastic muscles when I tell you I am looking forward to that!)


And then the rest of the day was hanging out with friends and watching Battlestar Galactica. They're in season two.five and we're rewatching it with them. It's not much of a hardship, really, Starbuck/Apollo is my OTP.

fa lie lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie

  • Dec. 21st, 2010 at 12:05 AM
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Something I've been thinking of recently: pretty much everyone I know hates Christmas parties, hates small talk, hates seeing their family, or some combination of the three.

So, there's a pretty good chance that when you're at a Christmas party, at least half the people there want nothing to do with you anyway.

That makes me feel moderately better about how I'm kind of terrible with small talk and come across as anti-social at parties!

Seriously, I've started flat out lying when people ask me what I do. If I like them, I tell them I lobby the government. If I don't like them, I'm involved with bond forgery and other short cons. It's made the parties go by much faster.

Upside to doing art again? Those four days a week I'm not at work are 'studio time', not 'lazy time'.

BIRT life is awesome today

  • Dec. 10th, 2010 at 1:24 PM
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Today, the universe heard my cry of 'why, god, why am I doing this with my life', and delivered unto me a boon. I imagine it looked a little like this, in the great big fate bureaucracy:


[ profile] neomeruru is seriously reconsidering her life choices today,


there will be a filming of Fringe in her office today, with attendant television stars Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson, and


she will receive $50/hour compensation for overtime while attending the office, and


she may consider this personal time, and may download and play World of Warcraft on the office computers, and


she may have full access to Craft Services and may stuff silly herself with really rather excellent catering