Tourniquet, SSBB 33

  • Nov. 6th, 2011 at 10:56 PM
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Don't mind me, I'm just reposting my [ profile] bb_shousetsu submission over here so it lives on my journal too! If you haven't read it yet, it sure would be nice of you if you considered this your chance. :)

with illustrations by [ profile] lihsa
for Shousetsu Bang*Bang, issue 33 - Myths and Monsters

content notes: zombies, boyfriends, zombie boyfriends, awkward fail sex, off-screen racism, animal-related gore, general bodily discomfort mixed in with the porn; about 15k words. Expanded author notes and a bonus zombipocalypse soundtrack here.

Sam had always thought he'd be doing something more thematically appropriate when the dead started coming back to life. )

NaNoWriMo and SSBB: two great tastes...

  • Oct. 31st, 2011 at 6:52 PM
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Nanowriters: good luck this year! I will be, as usual, living vicariously through you and using it to try to get into the pants of cute writers while not writing a single word of my own. It may be sabotage for them, but it is sexy, sexy sabotage.

But but BUT, in case you didn't know, the next issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang ([ profile] bb_shousetsu) is a theme-free, no-limit issue. This means that anyone writing ORIGINAL GAY FICTION for their Nano should totally consider submitting their stories to the zine! The deadline for the issue is December 13, which means there's plenty of time for Editcember to polish it up (read: cut out the 5k where you just wrote 'I am a fish' over and over).

The only stipulation is that SSBB needs to have right of first publication. Snippets posted publicly are fine, complete stories in friends-locked/filtered entries are fine, you just can't post it in-full publicly until the issue goes live. Not that bad, right? Oh, and it's strongly recommended that everyone be alive and in love at the end. It's a happy 'zine.

Just thought you Nanowriters might like the chance to get your stories out there in an already-established forum! More views! More comments! That's not even mentioning there's plenty of artists who sign up to illustrate for SSBB (yours truly included), so you could even get your NaNoWriMo story ILLUSTRATED. How cool is that?

[edit: when I say polished up, I mean seriously, cut out all the crap you put in there to make 50k, and also make sure it makes sense, and that it's not offensive, and that you actually want people to read it, and that the unpaid editors won't want to wear my skin for suggesting you submit it. Quality assurance, people. :D]

shousetsu round-up and READ MY STUFF <3

  • Oct. 24th, 2011 at 10:54 AM
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The new issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu is live, and oh boy, is it ever a good one. They got an astounding number of stories this time around, and so many of my favorite authors. I haven't read them all yet, but here are some I can recommend by brand name alone:

* Bright Mouths by [ profile] ladysisyphus
* The Stone Fox and the Bloody Hands by [ profile] ladysisyphus and [ profile] drmoonpants
* Unidentified Friendship Objective by our very own [ profile] jibrailis
* Love Will Tear Us Apart (or, The Modern Pygmalion) by [ profile] drmoonpants and I am looking forward to this one because apparently it's disturbing and The Wilderness was SO AMAZINGLY DISTURBING.

This is one I did read, because I illustrated it:

* El Presidio Rides North by my homegirl [ profile] beeblebabe is going to be the best story you've read all year. I laughed, I... okay, I laughed some more. Then when I was done laughing, I realized I was in love with a sassy cholo and his twee little piece of ass. And I like the art I did:

art for El Presidio Rides North under the cut - mild spoilers, no warnings )

And finally, there's the one that I wrote:

* Tourniquet is a story about unnatural biological disasters, stubborn boys in love, less limbs per capita than Star Wars, and a huge fucking helping of explicit zombie blowjobs. I also made a fanmix, which you can download in the author notes. Click it! Or just read the story! Or read the story and come back for the fanmix! Or don't read the story, that's fine, but I might make a sad face at you.

It was illustrated by the amazing [ profile] lihsa, who made not one, by three pictures for it, which as an illustrator myself I have to tell you that is pretty damn amazing.

As always, I humbly ask you to go take a look at the issue and read and comment on even just one story, because it would mean a lot to the authors! I know there's a lot to choose from this time, but those ones up there are a pretty good place to start!

author notes for Tourniquet + a fanmix!

  • Oct. 22nd, 2011 at 11:58 PM
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I wrote a thing! That thing I wrote is Tourniquet, aka 'zombieboyfrands', and I wrote it for the Hallowe'en issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang. Original queer fiction! Zombies! You know the drill! I'll do a big post later about this issue of SSBB and all the goodness it contains, but this entry here is just for Tourniquet.

Behind the cut are just the author notes for the story. But also behind the cut is something way better: a melancholy mini-mix for when the zombie apocalypse comes and fucks up your shit and all you want to do is sit down and have a good cry.

everything is zombies and everything hurts )

art for ssbb 32: hot for teacher

  • Aug. 23rd, 2011 at 1:00 PM
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And by that I mean, the August issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is out, and it's the Hot for Teacher edition.

In this issue I illustrated two stories by my homebros: Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye by the inimitable [ profile] jibrailis, and One False Move by the prodigious [ profile] ladysisyphus.

Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye takes place in a world where magic has only recently been discovered in Regency-era England. It tells the story of a man who, stolen by Fairy as a boy, searches for what he lost in that realm that makes him so removed from human comfort. All my gore/bloodkink friends should turn their eyes to this one, and that's all I'm saying there.

One False Move is a powerful subversion of the issue's theme, instead telling the story of a teacher who's been accused of sexually harassing students in his class. It's a subtle story about the grim prospects for gay teachers and the seriousness of the power imbalance in teacher/student relationships. Regardless, it's also got that incredible lightness and intense humanity that [ profile] ladysisyphus weaves into all of her SSBB stories; as always, a guaranteed good read.

Under the cut are the three images I did for the issue. There are slight spoilers and a gore warning for Sweet to Tongue and Sound to Eye, so if that bothers you, you should go read that story first.

intro to hot for teacherology )

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a bi-monthly webzine for original fiction in the grand tradition of boys-love serial manga, where boy meets boy and, eventually, they live happily ever after.

It is an amazing project to work on, and I have been so lucky to collaborate with some awe-inspiring people. I highly encourage everyone to go and friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu; it's the announcements comm and sign-ups, so just sit on it for a while and see if something strikes your fancy. Or if you want to tackle it with a friend, let me know and we'll work on it together.

Last month, I asked everyone to go and read even just one story and leave a comment. The outpouring of comments from that was just awesome, and I really appreciate everyone who did! It really does mean a lot to the authors to get those comments, because we all know that venturing into original writing is a terrifying, and sometimes thankless, prospect. I'm asking you again to go take a look at the most recent issue and leave some more love for these brave, hard-working, and creative writers!

I haven't read all the stories yet, but here are some quick and dirty summaries of the ones I have:

Mister Seagull Gives No Fucks: quasi-anonymous hatesex between a hardass teacher and his ex-student

Taylor the Demon Hunter: petulant Slayer Hunter seduces his very-British Watcher Sentinel

Look to the Beat: SYTYCD-hopeful takes dancing lessons from a SYTYCD alumni

ssbb sign-ups

  • Jun. 26th, 2011 at 10:07 PM
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Author and Illustrator sign-ups for the August issue of Shousetsu Bang Bang are live!

This month's theme is Hot for Teacher. What does that mean? Well, pretty much anything you want it to mean. Play it straight with the classic high school senior/history teacher, or stretch it as far as you can. Like I was telling [ profile] beeblebabe, I would give my left nut for a thinly-veiled Master/Padawan story.

Writers: feeling like you couldn't possibly write any more after [ profile] ae_match, Kink Bingo, and everything else? Think you don't have an original bone left in your body? SSBB welcomes your tired, your poor, your huddled tropes yearning to breathe free, the wretched ripoffs of recognizable fandoms. Take two boys, put them in a crazy scenario together, make them have sex at least once, and bam, you've got a SSBB story. Seriously, take any high school AU in any fandom ever, and you've already written one. It can be that easy.

Illustrators: drawing for SSBB has been super fulfilling, and you know what feels good? When strangers ask what you draw and you can answer, 'oh, I illustrate for zine of original queer fiction'. See how much better that sounds than 'fanart and porn, usually together'? You too can have this pre-packaged, family-safe answer, for the low, low price of one illustration.

Writing or illustrating, sign-ups are non-binding. You can sign up, you can not sign-up, you can submit a story, you can not submit a story... so what I'm saying here is, you have nothing to lose by considering it!

I'm illustrating this time around for the illustrious [ profile] ladysisyphus, which is super exciting. [ profile] beeblebabe and [ profile] drmoonpants, who I've illustrated for in the past, are also working on something, and if the little birds are correct, [ profile] jibrailis will be making an appearance. So come play! You're in good company this month. :D

art for East, SSBB 31

  • Jun. 19th, 2011 at 12:24 PM
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Under the cut are the illustrations I drew for [ profile] beeblebabe's East, which was written for the recent issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang, SSBB, if you haven't heard me talking about it before, is a regular webzine of original gay fiction in the style of Japanese boys-love serials.

East is a charming story about a man and his bitch about two best friends in small-town Colorado who fall in love and have tons of sex. It's also a really touching story about feeling trapped by your birth and escaping it, clutching the only good thing you have to your chest.

It's foul-mouthed boys in love in a small-town, so there's a fair bit of homophobic and anti-Semitic language, as well as verbal and emotional abuse. This story takes Serious Issues and nestles them in between teenage boys being emotionally stunted, horny idiots.

Did I mention sex? There is a lot of sex. There is dirty talk, verbal dom, and underage barebacking, to say the least. I won't go into it all because there's a certain amount you should discover by yourself, but trust me, the porn starts at the beginning and goes all the way to the end, with this amazing transformation from teenage aggression to raunchy dirty talk to a fearful and honest love so sweet I almost wanted to cry.

In short, you should go read East! There are minor spoilers for the story in the art, so you should read it first. I'll wait.

are you out there, can you hear this; i was out here, listening all the time )

Obligatory pimp: Shousetsu Bang*Bang is an amazing project to work on. If you have been meaning to write original fiction but you need that extra push, consider writing for it. It's a low-stress way to knock out some ideas, stretch those original fiction muscles, and meet some new people. It's also fairly low-impact: relying on your favorite trope and ripping off other material is suggested, nay, encouraged! Just go and friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu; it's the announcements comm and sign-ups, so just sit on it for a while and see if something strikes your fancy. Or if you want to tackle it with a friend, let me know and we'll work on it together.

Also, you know, it's not nice to talk about, but original fiction always labours in the shadow of its shiny older sibling, fanfiction. There is some honestly good work here, guys, and it doesn't get nearly enough comments. If you could go check out the latest issue and just pick out even one story and leave a comment on it, it would mean a lot to that author.
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Hi, hi, so here's one of the commissions I was working on! It's finally all finished and got the go-ahead green light, so I'm happy to post it.

Behind the cut is an illustration I did for the Shousetsu Bang Bang story The Heart May be Tiny but the World's Enormous by [ profile] ladysisyphus.

there's no thumbnail, so you'll just have to trust that it's there )

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a regular series of original queer fiction in the style of Japanese boys-love magazines, in that the stories are all ridiculously feel-good and charming and funny and sometimes a little strange and emotional, but always a happi endo~. There's a ton of great talent there and I am always so happy to lend my illustration services. If anyone is looking to break into original fiction, and MANY OF YOU SHOULD because I have so many amazing writers on my f-list right now, then take a look! <3

i had an exciting day

  • Feb. 20th, 2011 at 9:45 PM
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So in exciting news, my oldest sister got engaged today! They've been dating for something like four years now and the family adores him, so really it was just a matter of time.

Husband and I are constantly joking that I am the youngest in my generation by like eight years, and yet the third of six to be married. We jumped quite a few of my older siblings. But now with her engaged, the race is on again to pull ahead in Important Life Milestones. Welp, good thing we already had the family planning conversation! >D

Oh fuck, I will probably be the matron of honour, won't I? Aw, man, I finally recovered from the stress of planning my own wedding.

In other news, [ profile] somnacin_addict and [ profile] ilovetakahana were the two "lucky" authors to claim my [ profile] i_reversebang pieces! Looking forward to working with you, guys. And, other authors, if you wanted to claim my pieces but you didn't get there in time, keep in mind that I will still flail all over you if you happen to, say, write something with the same themes on your own... just saying... I will be there...

And in OTHER other news, the latest issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu is up, and it is the steampunk issue. I don't have anything in this issue because I artfail this month, but I will devour all this original queer fiction all the same.

(Being involved with [ profile] bb_shousetsu has kind of been a godsend, even if I've only been in it once; it has given me something to talk about other than embarrassing fanart when people ask me what I draw. Illustrating for an original queer fiction anthology sounds so much classier than drawing fanart for a movie that's been out for seven months.)

press my shoulder to this wall

  • Dec. 23rd, 2010 at 12:38 AM
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SOME THINGS IN LIST FORM, because it is after midnight and I am kind of all over the place right now:

1. So I have been working on this, like sleeping beauty meets arabian nights picture off and on for like a week now, but it's difficult because I have been so sick and fuzzy, and now I think I am finally in the clear with a scratchy throat and morning death.

behind the curtain: rough colours? i don't know, someone tell me it looks okay )


2. My computer's background right now is TRON/INCEPTION CROSSOVER PORN, because fandom is fucking amazing. Art comes from the talented [ profile] innueneko, the particular piece is posted in this entry. For serious, the downloading bubble made me lol.

3. That leads to the fact that I saw Tron, of course, and it was good. I don't get the people complaining about the story, wtf, it's a Disney movie -- what do you expect, a meditation on the human condition? The acting and script were better than Avatar, the costuming and 'sets' were fantastic and art-inspiring, and can we talk for a moment about Daft Punk scoring the whole thing? And CILLIAN MOTHERFUCKING MURPHY making an UNCREDITED CAMEO, and I would seriously pay again to see that man with facial hair and those adorable hipster glasses, screaming I AM THE VILLIAN IN TRON 3 all over the place.

4. Boss gave me a $75 gift card to Opus, which I'm still kind of reeling from honestly, because in my family we cap presents at $35 and I've known them all my life, not just five months. Anyway, I'm kind of at a loss at what to spend it on, because I know it should be a big thing as I'll never spend $75 in one go again, but I'll spend $25 three times just fine. Looking at a watercolour brush pen, which is like a brush that holds water in a chamber which you can use with watercolour pencils while out sketching. Like watercolours without the mess.

5. Last but not least by any stretch, the latest issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is up for those of us needing something to read while fic-writers are going to ground for Christmas and fandom crawls to a halt. Shousetsu Bang*Bang is an original boys-love fiction anthology, and the calibre of writing is very high -- at least one regular contributer is actually a published writer of some renown, using her powers for GAY PORN SHORT STORY rather than for good. My bff [ profile] jibrailis has a story in this issue, but my favorite so far has got to be Coming Undone because it has TIME TRAVEL and a narrator who is kind of a dick, all things considered.

Why am I drawn to time travel scenarios? I will only cry myself to sleep at night as I ponder the great vastness of time and the significance of small actions. I weep silent tears of terror that small details may change by way of some callous time traveller's ineptitude. AND YET. I am drawn, like a moth to a flame, by the sirens call of gay porn.

But seriously, if you don't read Shousetsu Bang*Bang, you are missing out on some quality. It's such a very small leap from fandom to original fiction, but the audience drop off is SO VERY steep. This is a project that deserves attention. Personally, I'm making it my goal to start back at the first issue and read every story while on the bus.

shousetsu bang*bang 27

  • Oct. 31st, 2010 at 12:24 PM
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Hey hey hey, so, the latest issue of Shousetsu Bang*Bang is out, and I did an illustration!

The story I illustrated is A Fish Story, OR, The Ones That Got Away, OR, The Mermaid Solution, which is a story about two geeky teenage boys who don't like each other but end up having sex because a mermaid will eat their skin if they don't. Or is it?

(Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a regular webzine for original boys-love fiction, in the style of classic Japanese shounen ai serials where schoolboys or yakuza or mermen or sararimen fall in love and there's torrid romances and it's all very formulaic and heartwarming and aaaaaaaaaaaaw they fall in love happi endo. It's awesome, and always a fantastic read.)


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