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Drawn for [ profile] i_reversebang, this is my second entry: Arthur and Eames in a hockey AU.

This challenge was taken up by [ profile] somnacin_addict, who wrote Light the Lamp, and [ profile] queenofinfinite, who wrote All the Right Moves. I haven't had a chance to read the stories yet, but judging from how hard they worked, I am so excited.

My only request to my authors was that there be plenty of sweaty locker room sex, in those words exactly, so I am bracing for an explosion of sheer awesomeness. OMG. Yay.

all sport is simply a legitimized expression of our natural human bloodthirst )
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Title: Render
Rating: implicit R
Pairing/Character(s): Arthur/Eames
Warnings: lots of nakedness, nothing ACTUALLY obscene, how does that work

This was drawn for [ profile] i_reversebang, and I am so pleased to again work with [ profile] ilovetakahana on a project like this. She did an admirable amount of research for her end of the project, and on top of that was an absolute fantastic writer to work with. She says that the story was 'co-written' by me and [ profile] photoclerk, but we know that dedication and creativity is all hers. Follow follow follow to read the story she wrote for this art.

More notes about the image itself after the cut!

days like these you've gotta find it in some other way, it's all or nothing baby )

i had an exciting day

  • Feb. 20th, 2011 at 9:45 PM
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So in exciting news, my oldest sister got engaged today! They've been dating for something like four years now and the family adores him, so really it was just a matter of time.

Husband and I are constantly joking that I am the youngest in my generation by like eight years, and yet the third of six to be married. We jumped quite a few of my older siblings. But now with her engaged, the race is on again to pull ahead in Important Life Milestones. Welp, good thing we already had the family planning conversation! >D

Oh fuck, I will probably be the matron of honour, won't I? Aw, man, I finally recovered from the stress of planning my own wedding.

In other news, [ profile] somnacin_addict and [ profile] ilovetakahana were the two "lucky" authors to claim my [ profile] i_reversebang pieces! Looking forward to working with you, guys. And, other authors, if you wanted to claim my pieces but you didn't get there in time, keep in mind that I will still flail all over you if you happen to, say, write something with the same themes on your own... just saying... I will be there...

And in OTHER other news, the latest issue of [ profile] bb_shousetsu is up, and it is the steampunk issue. I don't have anything in this issue because I artfail this month, but I will devour all this original queer fiction all the same.

(Being involved with [ profile] bb_shousetsu has kind of been a godsend, even if I've only been in it once; it has given me something to talk about other than embarrassing fanart when people ask me what I draw. Illustrating for an original queer fiction anthology sounds so much classier than drawing fanart for a movie that's been out for seven months.)

some CMT stuff

  • Feb. 19th, 2011 at 3:59 PM
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The [ profile] i_reversebang claims post is up, and claiming begins tomorrow at noon! I am seriously ridic excited for this; it's been all I could think about since finishing my BB art last week. Sometimes I feel like my art is instantly recognizable, and sometimes I feel like I'm still in that weird chameleon phase where it could go either way. Regardless, if you have joined the community you can see the post, and I wonder if you can tell which ones are mine. :)

I fell on the way to work again yesterday, and I buggered my hip again. So I'm sitting here with an icepack on my bum, getting ready to draw some gay steampunk porn for [ profile] bb_shousetsu. I know the due date is today, but, you know, I had a busy last few weeks, okay!

I also said I owed y'all a post about my neuro visit! )


  • Jan. 9th, 2011 at 11:33 PM
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Come and join [ profile] i_reversebang.
A challenge where artists make art and writers claim and write a story for it.

Explanation and Rules
Sign Up: Artist | Author | Beta


So I am totally going to draw the most porniest filthiest A/E art of all time (OF ALL TIME), with all of my kinks in it, just to force an author to write for it. Maybe I'll get [ profile] jibrailis or [ profile] jeannedecarnin or [ profile] matchsticks_p or [ profile] frantic_allonsy or [ profile] knowmydark OR OR OR ANY ONE OF THE RIDIC AMAZING AUTHORS I have added in the past few days, you know who you are.

Or maybe I'll draw the hockey AU of my dreams, but I can't decide if one of them should be a goalie. No, because they are totally both offense, but a million times yes because goalies are fucking amazing when they throw down.


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