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Drawn for the Inception Summer Fest, celebrating rarepairs and more. I had a hankering for some het art, and so I drew some Eames/Mal creepy-romance quasi-somnophilia. It's like Twilight, only Eames is totally going for it instead of just watching her sleep. Don't you wish you didn't get that popular culture reference?

don't you wake up yet, 'cause soon ill be leaving you... but you won't be leaving me )

boosting the signal: rarepair fest

  • May. 31st, 2011 at 6:23 PM
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[ profile] forgerness will be hosting a "rarepair and more" fest starting on June 5, and I'm already working on my contribution! People who were hanging out with me on livestream today (hi guys!) got a sneak peek, but now the lid's back on until the fest. All I can say is that lovers of Eames/Mal and dubcon will be happy. :D

It's no secret that I am poly-shipperous when it comes to these parts (as long as cocks are going into things, I don't much care who's involved -- just like real life!), so I am super excited to hear from writers I don't know and read pairings that I don't usually see. I'm especially hoping to see some more Arthur/Mal, and of course my bro-tastic second love, Eames/Yusuf. Or maybe something I've never seen before, like Ariadne/Miles (May/December romance ftw).

art for the kinkfest

  • Apr. 2nd, 2011 at 7:00 PM
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So can we believe the crazy amount of kink going on over at Bina's Inception Kinkfest? There are some freaking amazing fills over there, and I am so impressed by the breadth and the quality of writing. A+, fandom, you rock.

My contribution was a little piece of art for [ profile] knowmydark's AU where Arthur is a pin-up model and Eames is his starstruck fan. She described a few of Eames' favorite photoshoots, and [ profile] keelain and I were her faithful artist monkeys and drew out a few of them. This is mine:

so you could always meander )