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Hello! And hi! And welcome! I like that you're here.

A note for people who've met my sack of blood and organs:

If you know me in Real Life (tm), please for the love of god, consider very heavily if you want to read my journal. Here there be sharks, and talk about naughty fanfiction, and quite frankly some personal info you might not want to know about me. Like piercings I have! And sexual kinks! So seriously, think of your sanity. Go find me on Facebook instead. It's safer there.

If you decide to read anyway, and you want to actually bring anything up in person with me, don't be coy. I will talk to you about anything in my journal should you prove the least bit interested. I live my life as transparent as possible. I just ask that you come to me in the spirit of transparency and mutual respect.

Who am I?

This is the name that was given to me: Lindsay
These are the names I chose for myself at various times of my life: Moonshine, turkproof, [ profile] neomeruru, Aden

These are things about myself I did not choose
  • female in gender and body
  • mid-twenties
  • 'queerly' straight
  • white
  • raised middle-class
  • suburban
  • Canadian
  • not quite able-bodied

These are things about myself I have/had control over:
  • university graduate
  • pro-choice
  • sex-positive
  • feminist
  • liberal
  • married to an opposite-sex partner
  • no kids
  • non-monogamous
  • sober
  • secular

These are the things I like:
  • digital illustration
  • maps and cartography
  • World of Warcraft
  • crafting
  • visual irony
  • fandom (Inception, mostly)
  • gender performance

Journal Content and Guidelines:

Journal Content:

Art, music and video recommendations, the very very occasional piece of writing, observations on life, and a metric fuckton of complaining -- sorry.

This is a tongue-firmly-in-cheek zone.

F-locks and privacy:

This journal is for both personal and fandom postings. Nearly all entries are public, except for very, very old entries. As a rule, I try not to lock items simply because they are controversial or embarrassing.

I try to live my life as open, transparent, and honest as I can. I try to speak my mind. I try not to self-censor. If you read my journal, I expect you to take these principles to heart and respect the spirit of their intention.

This journal is like Vegas. What happens in journal-land should stay in journal-land. Unless you pick up an STD or get surprise-married, because then you should tell your partner(s). Or something.

Crossposting and linking:

Do not use LJ's nifty crossposting feature to post your comments to Facebook or whatever the kids are using these days. Don't 'share' or 'like' my journal or entries on your Facebook. Don't be gauche.

Linking within LJ/Dreamwidth/fandom-centric circles, however, is amazing. Seeing my stuff recommended or linked anywhere seriously makes my day. Please link to the full page that hosts whatever you're linking, such as the page on deviantART or the whole LJ entry, and TELL ME where you linked it. Artistic validation makes the world go 'round.

I give blanket permission for any kind of transformative fanwork: fanfic, commentfic/drabbles, (re)illustration, graphics, podfic, remixes of my art or writing, etc. Just please let me know if you do something so I can appreciate it! I will probably pee myself a little and flail around incoherently and probably link you everywhere. So just tell me.

Friending and friend-drama:

Friend me! All the time! I friend all the things.

Sometimes I friend back! Sometimes I don't. Please don't take it personally if I don't reciprocate. I use my flist mostly as a live feed for fandom things, so if your journal is mostly personal stuff I probably won't friend back unless you're, you know, an actual friend.

I operate under a strict no-friend-drama policy. I will not make sweeping passive-aggressive flailings if you remove me from your flist. It happens. I know. It's okay. I absolutely promise to not make a big deal about it. I WILL BE SAD, FOR SURE, let's just get that out there now, but I promise never to flail about it.



I love your comments. Comments will make me love you, and the world, and feel a little less like I'm shouting into a goddamn vacuum.

This journal is a POSITIVE ZONE. This journal is FRIENDLY. This journal is a SUPPORTIVE SPACE.

It's only been a problem once before, but I reserve the right to screen, silence, and ban comments/commenters if necessary. This is my house (maaaah house!), and you are not allowed to put your goddamn feet on my table.

That being said, I will not be affronted if you: disagree with my opinion, provide conflicting evidence, tell a contradicting anecdote, expose a critical flaw in my argument, notice a typo, or find an anatomical anomaly in art I've posted. These are all constructive, friendly, supportive things to do.


I swear all the fucking time. If this is a problem, go put on your adult pants.



Basically all my art that's fit for consumption is posted on my deviantART page. Sometimes I post them as separate entries in my Livejournal, in which case they should be tagged with my art tag.

I've also put together a step by step of how I do my illustrations, which you can check out over here.


Like Breathing, Arthur/Eames (Inception), NC-17 for breathplay, snuff, sexualized violence
"Do you want me to choke you to death, Eames?"

Tourniquet, original, NC-17 for porny porn porn, zombies, off-screen racism, animal-related gore

Every day is concrit amnesty day around here, so if you notice something that will help me improve my art please leave a comment here!

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